Todays Good HENTAI Art is ”Go for it, number 18! MMD” I had the strong desire to draw No. 18 in a romantic and erotic mood, so I drew this full color comic about her. The story is about No. 18 who misjudges her own fatigue and, in an attempt to become even more intimate with C*ilin, tries to model herself after what she thinks are the expectations of men of a woman. This product contains 12 pages of fully colored comic about Number 18 who continues to ingratiate herself with her beloved C*ilin and 19 pages that were derived from short stories, for a total of 31 pages. ★This work is now available through ★You can access the page by clicking on the banner below. 以上実験的英語版の宣伝でしたw あと いつものように一言モンハン日記 先輩達のお陰でG級のいい弓ができたので久々にGに狩りに行ってみました あー これはいい!時間が村上位の狩りレベルになったので俺にも遊べそうです♪ あとストラングルホールドはサイボーグ赤コートの耐久度につまってますw